Exact Security is a private limited company registered under The Companies Commission of Malaysia with number 347840-U. Exact Security Services has proudly served the Malaysian community since 10 January 1998 with license to operate nationwide under the laws of Section 3, 1971 Private Agency Act No.27 /71. Founded by management personnel with extensive military background, Exact Security Services has performed in various contracts with different government agencies and authorities including success with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.


Static Guard

A guard that glued in one position and monitor cctv camera and inform others to if there’s any inconvenient situation.

Unarmed Guard

A guard that been given a roles to safeguard and patrol a premises within it perimeter.

Armed Guard

A guard that been given authorise to carry and use weapon in order to safeguard the premises.

Mobile Patrol

As it named, mobile patrol task is to checking and cover the premises.


A personal guard that specialise in combat and firearm skill to safeguard it clients safety.

Close Circuit Tv (CCTV)

Known as video surveillance. To watch and observe if an inconvenient situation occur.


Our Guards are all CSG(certified security guard) trained. This training is being held and conducted together with Royal Malaysia Police. This training will ensure the guard's know the scope of performance. The training will cover up form self defence to safeguarding client's premises. Exact Security will ensure the guard's will participate in this CSG training to enhance security industry field.


We not just providing a security but a safety precautions as well. We will conducting a training with your staff to take part in this training. What's special about this training ? This training will educated your staff about fire safety and rescue, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and step to step about safety precautions. Cost ? It's absolutely free. We want our client's get the best out of us and build a long-term relationship.