A private limited company registered under The Companies Commision of Malaysia with number 347840-U. We have served the Malaysian community since January 1998 with license to operate nationwide under the laws of section 3, 1971 Private Agency Act No.27/71. Founded by management personnel with extensive military background, Exact Security Services has performed in various contracts with different governmental agencies and authorities including success with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Today, Exact Security Services continues to expand its network and has a current workforce of over 500 employees serving contracts throughout the country.


Security Guards

Providing capable, dependable and dedicated security professionals in the field of private protection, commercial and industrial security. Thus, ensuring the safety and security of all properties, employees and any other persons on our client's premises.

Close Circuit Monitoring

CCTV helps prevent crime, of course. The hidden cameras are able to help investigators to identify how a crime happened and to spot it in action. However, they are more likely to prevent the crime from occurring simply by letting everyone know they are being watched.

Parking Management

Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service.


Some client lacks of information about safety and security controls. We provide a consultancy service for a clients that already engaged with another security firms but didn't performed on safety and security controls.